Using Steemit as an Investment Tool

One thing is common to most new media platforms operating in the New Economy. Authors and Audience have opportunity to earn cryptocurrency. The attention of that person watching video or checking out works of art is valuable.

The eyes, ears, and minds of a human being are some of the most valuable resources on this planet. When your audience has thoughtful opinion or meaningful thought about your work and share it with the whole community that is even more valuable. Places like Steemit, Yours, Mind, & Viuly all acknowledge this in some way and have built in mechanisms which distribute currency to viewers and commenters in addition to the authors.

The New Economy I mention so often isn’t just hyperbole or theatrics. There are brand new ways of doing things here. Your attention is now an asset which you get to monetize. You can either stay on youtube or facebook and be force-fed advertisements based upon your private conversations they capture, or you can move to the New Economy and earn some real money for the things you enjoy viewing and discussing. You have that choice right now.

With the above understanding in mind, the information below is meant to point out several ways we as authors or viewers can now monetize our work and attention in the Steemit Eco-system. How we, as red pilled and red blooded human beings, can financially support the online communities we frequent and hold dear. How we can most efficiently use these new tools to begin building wealth in decentralized ways within what I refer to as the New Economy.

Cheers to better ways of doing things.

STEEMIT Tools for Authors & Investors

Tools to Use: Steemit   D.Tube   SteemD   SteemAuto   SmartSteem

Steemit: the original platform which supports word and image, your basic blog concept. It is also where you create and manage your financial account on Steemit.

D.Tube: the video platform built on Steemit. It’s still early in development and it needs improvement, but it is functional and a new way video and viewing can be monetized on this particular blockchain. The needed improvements will come in due time and those who are well established when this happens will be handsomely rewarded.

SteemD: a tool for people actively managing their financial account. It gives details on voting activity and author or curation rewards that will be useful for those analyzing the earnings aspect of their accounts.

SteemAuto: a tool that you can use to automate the distribution of your voting power. Authors could use it as incentive for subscribers and viewers can use it as a way to invest in their favorite channels. After using and experimenting with these settings for several months, curation rewards between 5% – 8% SP on an annual basis can be expected.

Smartsteem: a tool you can use to sell your voting power to channels wishing to promote their work into more visibility on the Steemit blockchain. Currently the easiest way to profitably put your Steem Power to work as an investment. Using the past several months as a benchmark, a 20% or higher SBD/yr return can be expected, although earnings fluctuate based on demand.

How-To Videos:

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