There are hundreds and hundreds of stories that come from my European roots. Fairy Tales that hold deep wisdom and morality used to create and grow cultures and societies we now live in. Many of these tales are all but forgotten, many more have been molded and altered so those same morals are no longer featured front and center. As the initial project for the Decentralized Digital Arts Studio I’m proposing an on-going series of animated videos which pay homage to these original works of art. These are the original Open Source stories, nobody owns them or has proprietary monetary rights on them. They fit perfectly into what I’m trying to create with the overall decentralized studio.

These stories also offer early contributors an opportunity to create a vast library of characters, landscapes, and objects which can be stored and used (monetized) in future works.

Direction for Early Artists:

Prior to development of an alpha version of the studio there is some work the actual artists can get started on. These works can be published on Steemit and monetized in that way prior to any platform sales. At this point I can only offer my own small up-vote as rewards, but this funding method is something I see great potential in and will make one of my own first tasks to build and promote.


The first actual story I would like to use as an experiment is Little Red Riding Hood. The original version of this story is a rather dark warning against trusting strangers, something just as important today as it was 1,000 years ago. There are predatory people in our world that take advantage of the naive or ignorant and this story was meant to teach the young generations how to identify and guard against these sorts of people and behaviour. It is also a very short story that will be familiar to most people.

Characters: Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma, Mother & Father, Woodcutters, Wolf, Villagers

Setting: Two separate villages, Deep Dark Forrest, Mountain valley’s with fields and farms, dirt and cobble roads

Buildings: Thatch Roof huts and village homes. Barns, timber yards, Farmsteads, Inn’s


For any artists wishing to begin contribution to this story, or subsequent stories in this European Fairy Tale series the following work will be useful:

  • Characters: All manner of Medieval and Pre-Historic characters are welcome and could be used in future work. The Edda Poems of the Norse tradition, the King Arthur and the Holy Grail Saga, and many more familiar stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White & the Dwarves, Beauty and the Beast, etc. originate from these fairy tales and can be used as inspiration.
  • Settings: Ancient Forrest’s, river valley’s, coastal regions, mountain ranges, etc. are all welcome and potentially have a place in this series. Villages, cities, farmsteads, Castles and Palaces, are all present in multiple stories and will need many variations over time.
  • Objects: All manner of objects such as household furniture and utensils, farm equipment, weaponry, armor, artwork, etc. will need to be created and this can be a simple way for people to begin contributions.
  • Mythical Creatures: Dragons, trolls, fairies, giants, goblins, draugr, valkryies, witches & wizards, etc. will all figure prominently into these stories.

Any existing work along these lines that contributors have previously created are welcome to be submitted or proposed for use.

Any writers wishing to get the ball rolling on other appropriate stories fitting into this category are welcome to contact me and start the process of developing the animated production. A unique sub-page on this website will be created for each individual story being contributed towards this series to keep things organized and document participation of contributors.

If you think this is something you’d like to be a part of, please contact me at MY STEEMIT PAGE or through this site’s email and we can figure out what the most productive path forward for your particular talents would be.