You probably know what a Digital Arts Studio is. You can also probably find several outlines of business plans that have a proven track record somewhere online, both at a price and freely available.

The New Economy doesn’t look like the economy of the old American Empire. Well, I suppose The New Economy doesn’t look like much of anything to the majority of people. It’s mostly an empty shell of potential at this point.

Tools are being created to fill that open potential with the better world each of us strives to create. Various cryptocurrency projects and decentralized blockchain platforms. Businesses who also see this opportunity and have acted quickly to begin filling that potential with their own efforts.

I view the blockchain economy the next step in our economic evolution (Industrial Revolution w/machines, Digital Revolution w/computers & communications, Blockchain Revolution w/Peer-2-Peer Everything). This is one of an endless variety of community / business structures for that future. That future is possible whenever people choose to grasp it.


  1. FOUNDERS: Early Contributes who provide work, resources, or capital towards the creation of the Studio prior to formal establishment earn founders tokens. These grant authority to vote on how the studio evolves into the future. Founders could be given a small percentage of studio profits as a means of acknowledging their initial work.
  2. RESOURCE PROVIDERS: Individuals who have been granted access to the platform as contributors also earn the rights to provide resources to the studio. Hard Drive space, bandwidth, computing power, etc. will all be provided through the platforms distributed & decentralized network. Resource providers would be given a percentage of studio profits over a weekly or monthly period in which they provided resources.
  3. PROJECTS: Projects would be sovereign entities inside this system. They would need to keep their actions within the software provided set of rules, but outside of that limitation they would have complete control over who was allowed access to their work and how earnings the 80% share of earnings from the work were distributed.
  4. AUDIENCE: Individuals with accounts inside the platform would have access to view all publicly available content or purchase all commercially available content. These accounts would also be granted access to provide certain critical resources to the system and earn a portion of studio revenue as compensation.


  1. Long Term Revenue: The ultimate goal of the studio is to generate revenue through media sales or subscriptions. This could be in the form o;
    • Video Game sales, memberships, etc.(Very interesting for Blockchain powered MMO’s)
    • Animated movies or series sold directly P2P or attached to services like Netflix, Amazon, etc.
  2. Medium Term Revenue: The Digital Economy offers an abundance of opportunity to content creators of all stripes. Mostly in the form of advertisement income, such as;
    • Advertising Revenue from videos, tutorials, classes (Viuly, Crea, Youtube, etc.)
    • Private education subscriptions & memberships
  3. Short Term Revenue: The Attention Economy powered by blockchain projects offers completely new forms of revenue for the artistic community. Steemit being the primary platform enabling;
    • Weekly payouts for posts, updates, collaborative meeting minutes, etc.
    • Other Like / Up-Vote based communication over official accounts


  1. Project Funding: Projects will have complete freedom to accept 3rd party funding, passive funding, patronage, or no funding at all. Studio platform would include Project settings which allowed the Project Creator(s) to create these smart contract vehicles as they saw fit.
  2. Pre-Launch Platform Funding: Delegation of Steem Power to the official platform account prior to launch would be the only form of non-work contributions allowed unless some other similar type of method becomes available. Delegators would be compensated with a percentage of Founder Tokens. Steemit Funding Strategy further elaborates on this concept.


  1. Creator(s): Project administrator(s) responsible for creating and designing project parameters and positions.
  2. Director(s): Individuals responsible for major divisions of an Project, such as: Graphics, Sound, Editing, Story, etc.
  3. Contributor(s): Individuals with permissions to create and contribute specific pieces within a project Division.
  4. Educator(s): Individuals responsible for training and/or selecting qualified individuals to become Contributors.
  5. Investor(s): Individuals contributing financial resources to the Project


This idea will utilize several different layers of technology to organize and operate. It will have its own blockchain & token protocol to account for platform and project contributions, resource providers (miners), and viewer accounts. It can also use existing or under development software that performs the tasks in a suitable manner. Of particular interest:

  1. MaidSAFE Network: This project is under development with alpha versions of software available for experimentation. For the purposes of the Studio, this project can be thought of as a network offering Hard Drive Space & Bandwidth sharing services. Potential use as content distribution platform may also be present here. More information here… MaidSAFE Project
  2. Golem Network: This project is currently available for experimentation. Golem Network would provide graphics power for animations and renderings done within the Studio. More information here… Golem – Worldwide Supercomputer
  3. EOS: EOS is my initial preference for tokenizing individual projects within the Studio. This is a very fluid space and whenever this part of the project is ready for development the most suitable blockchain provider can be used. THE HARPOON NAMED ‘EOS’
  4. SafeExchange: This project is under development. Once launched it would be a consideration for the commercial side of the Studio. With a decentralized marketplace hosting a native digital currency, integration with SafeExchange could provide simple means of commercializing work. SafeX – Digital Asset Review
  5. CreativeChain: Crea offers some unique and interesting options to monetizing collaborative work. Also potentially useful for copyright processing, social networking & media, and Sales. Digital Media in the New Economy Creative Chain Supplemental Research
  6. Steemit: I’ve documented several unique ways the Steemit Eco-System could be useful in monetizing work and development of this project. Steemit & The Independent Media / Steemit Funding Strategy / All About Steemit SMT’s and the Evolution of Steemit
  7. Viuly: A decentralized video streaming and advertising platform that could be used in lieu or concurrently with platforms like youtube to monetize through advertising or memberships.