So you’ve probably heard about how disruptive and liberating the blockchain is. Technology that will change our lives so radically most cannot fathom how gargantuan the New Economy will become.

The potential within this technology is incredibly inspirational, but it still needs to be built. The peer to peer technology we have access to is something brand new to our digital world and at this point there is far more potential than substance to the space.

This isn’t to knock any project or sector, this is a simple fact. Bitcoin was born in winter of 2008. Ethereum didn’t come around until 2015. Most of the projects that are leveraging the Ethereum smart contracts didn’t come online until summer of 2017. Less than one year ago as I write these words. All of the wonderful ideas and opportunity being built on top of these platforms will take time to develop, test, fine tune, and publicly release. This takes a lot of work and dedication. This is a long term growth phase we’re entering.

So in the spirit of our times, I am dedicating a portion of my own effort towards contributing to the construction and development of the New Economy. The first major project I am designing is a Decentralized Digital Arts Studio. A place of business which leverages all of the best in peer to peer capabilities to remove unnecessary middlemen and barriers to entry present in the legacy systems.


This isn’t an ICO or money grab and I have no interest in Lambo’s. This is meant to be a Place of Business operating in the New Digital Economy. This is meant to be a project that is created from the ground up by those who see the value in the idea and want to create a better way of doing things.

I anticipate at least 18-24 months of work and development before the initial public platform gets tested. The technology we’ll be leveraging is brand new and it will take a lot of trial and error to figure out how it’s best applied to this decentralized studio I’m envisioning.

Those working and contributing to the project before public launch will earn what I refer to as Founder Tokens. These are coins which will eventually have rights to 5% of income from the entire platform as well as management responsibilities. If we are successful and those duties are needed.

Things like determining how the platform grows and evolves into the future, marketing strategy, development programs, etc. It will take significant work to pull everything together and create a working Studio and these Founder Tokens are meant to be the reward for those to take the chance on supporting this vision.


I don’t want this project to be beholden to shareholders or public pressure, but I also want the early creators to have an opportunity to monetize their work prior to public launch. There are some unique opportunities to use existing platforms in the New Economy to achieve this. Places like Steemit, Viuly, CreativeChain, and all offer unique ways of monetizing creative endeavors such as this while also streamlining the efficiency of many aspects this type of work.

One of the first major milestones of the project is the creation of a community funding method utilizing Steemit to distribute digital currency to the early project contributors. Those who wish to support this work but can’t offer their time or production will have an opportunity to passively fund the project through Steemit’s unique platform as well.

Supporters can create a Steemit account and maintain full control of their assets while temporarily offering their voting power to the Project Team members who are publishing work or updates on the platform.

This means the assets (Steem Power) remain in full possession of the passive investors while auto-voting software is used to distribute voting power to those posting work and updates on the Steemit blockchain in real time. This is a mechanism unique to The New Economy, take some time to understand how it works through my other writings I’ve published on the Steemit blockchain if it interested you.

I doubt this offers anything close to a full time source of income for the early workers, but it will create some liquid and regular income for those who are contributing to the Studio development.

It also gives those non-technical supporters, or those without time to contribute directly an opportunity to be involved. A portion of the Founder Tokens will also be distributed to those donating the SP which funds the early workers of the platform.


This project was largely inspired by the Open Source software Blender. This unique piece of software is completely open-sourced and free to use. It is also very powerful, allowing for high quality animation and 3D graphical design. The Digital Arts Studio being proposed here is a continuation of this OS ethos though it won’t require the use of Blender in any way.

It is a way for individuals to come together and create animated videos, series, games, or any other type of digital art while using the peer to peer technology to monetize and distribute their work. It is intended to be a way for both authors and audience to participate and receive income or other value in return for their contributions.

As more people join and development begins the details will be fine tuned and adjusted as needed, the following are only my initial ball park figures. Each project will be a semi-sovereign entity on the overall platform. Approximately 80% or earnings will belong to the project team, who has full authority on how this income is distributed to the project contributors.

The other 20% of income will be distributed towards the people contributing computer resources, marketing efforts, and holding the Founder Tokens which manage growth and platform evolution.

For more in depth information on this, please see the previous work I’ve published on Steemit as well as the discussion I started on the topic at the Blender Artists Forum.

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It is important to note, this is a highly speculative start-up project. There are zero guarantees of success or any sort of financial gain. This project is for those who wish to be Trail Blazers and Early Adopters of the New Economy. This project is for those who wish to create the better ways of doing business instead of waiting for it to be created by someone else.

Students interested in graphical design and animation are in a unique place to contribute to this project. There are many different levels of skill needed so even small and basic contributions are welcome and rewarded.

Hobbyists and amateurs who enjoy creating videos and 3D models while having a passion for furthering the New Economy are in a very unique place to contribute towards this project.The platform is designed to reward passionate contribution, even if infrequent.

Professionals who see the value in this idea that wish to contribute are also very welcome. This is meant to be a professional environment tailored to serious productions and experienced views and opinions are welcome.

If you think this is something you’d like to be a part of, please contact me at MY STEEMIT PAGE or through this site’s email