SUMMARY: Veritaseum leverages blockchain and smart contracts to create a unique software platform operating in the Ethereum Eco-system. Their VERI token represents pre-paid fees charged to access their automated investment software and research.

The first development which is currently up and running allows a user to access and fund a smart contract connected to Veritaseum’s Independent Research. The smart contract takes the initial funding supplied by the user in ETH and runs in through the research parameters to purchase a basket of professionally vetted digital assets. Users have the option of taking possession of the tokens or they can set their smart contract to sell the coins and return the proceeds in ETH at a given date of their preference.

The research and insight provided by the Veritaseum team is second to none. Prior to entering the blockchain space the owner made a name for himself as a financial analyst who made some major contrarian calls during the 2008/2009 world-wide financial crisis. He brings his professional and in-depth research style into the New Economy and we’re all the better for it.

A little pro-tip for anyone reading this, if you’re in the market for some coins to invest long term in, he is the #1 place I would recommend starting. And I say this as another professional in the market selling digital asset research. His platform offers access to the most professional and thorough research available. The Veri Token is also at the top of my list when suggesting where someone begin their own research into the digital asset markets.

The first iteration of his platform focuses on Digital Assets, but this will be expanded to hold nearly any asset you can think of. The full potential of this software is massive, it has the functionality and strategy to absorb entire stock and commodity markets once development is sufficiently tested.

This project offers a regular investor access to the highest quality of research and easy to use investment vehicles which automatically apply that research to actual markets. All without relying on a 3rd party to manage one’s assets. His main market is multi-billion dollar asset managers, but the peer-to-peer nature of the system means small fish like myself get to benefit from his work as well.

At the heart of it, Veritaseum is a shining example of what the distributed ledger software can do. State of the art technology available for whoever has the gumption to learn how to use it.






For those interested in learning more, the links above will lead to official resources available along with dozens of Q&A videos where the Chief Disruptor Reggie Middleton takes questions from a live audience on youtube to explain and show off his product. He also drops a lot of good general information about the upper echelons of the financial world which non-professionals don’t often get exposure to.

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Pending full release of the platform for public use, I will be announcing some services offered through this software which provide customized access to the Veritaseum financial machine for those wanting exposure without the learning curve.

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