EOS is a 3rd Generation blockchain specifically created to enable mass adoption into the New Economy. This platform has working technology that scales efficiently and can handle many times the volume of BTC or ETH in their current stage of development. The EOS crowd sale is a year long process and ends this June, after which the project will go live.

EOS has dedicated a large portions of the crowd sale (Over $1 Billion currently) along with partnerships with other large multi-million dollar Venture Capital firms to funding their eco-system. This money is allotted to start up companies building on the EOS platform. To the best of my understanding, a large portion of the ICO’s funded in this way will air drop their own coins riding on the EOS platform directly to EOS holders rather than conduct independent coin sales and distributions.

This is a game changing strategy. Imagine being able to hold your Eth while automatically accumulating significant holdings of the projects that launch on the Ethereum network. This funding model will be a huge part of the value transfer out of the old corrupt system and into the new one. EOS has a proven development team, with massively successful projects like Bitshares and Steemit already on their resume.

Full project and platform launch is scheduled for June 2018 after the EOS token sale ends. Pre-Release versions of the software are regularly updated on Apr. 2018 the Dawn 3.0 version was announced. Highlights include some very elegant solutions to financial security of tokens using the EOS platform, a 3,000 Tx per second sustained processing capacity with the ability to scale to larger volumes built into the system, password recovery options, and much more.

EOS is one of my top contenders for best performing coin of 2018. I expect overall market cap of EOS ($5 Billion at time of writing) to rival that of Ethereum ($38 Billion) by the end of the year.




EOS DAWN 3.0 Release Notes