There many good news sources broadcasting through youtube or other internet platforms. The internet has taken the first step in democratizing the independent journalist process and cryptocurrency will take the next step in decentralizing the monetary aspect of journalism.

Each source listed below is one I regularly use as I continue to try to put the world into context with all of the crazy happenings. Interested in supporting these crowd funded Independent Media producers? Follow my curation trail on Steemit to give the authors automatic up-votes every time they release a new post. Learn more hereĀ Steemit & The Independent Media and watch the video below for a short description of each of these authors;


USA Watchdog – Greg Hunter – Greg Hunter is a former mainstream reporter who has leveraged Youtube and created an Independent show with a weekly roundup and some dynamite guests. Subjects discussed typically focus on American Politics and World Financial news. With his 140,000 youtube subscribers his videos have one of the more mature and informative comment sections out there. Typical shows are between 20-90 minutes.

The Corbett Report – Very detailed and well presented features showing us the true history of our world. James Corbett is a veteran among the youtube media producers and he’s quickly becoming one of the most popular sources of in depth research on Steemit. The true history of the Rockafellers, all about the Federal Reserve, the conspiracies causing False Wars, and much more.


Rogue Money / The Sirius Report – The Sirius Report is a subscription based podcast that also regularly appears on the Rogue Money show. London Paul offers a level-headed and unique view of world events that help Americans shift their perspective related to foreign affairs. Other Rogue Money productions focus on financial markets, Crypto Opportunity, and daily news headlines. Typical shows are around 45-60 minutes.


Tracy Beanz – Nothing flashy or flaunty about this show. Tracy dives deep into the cesspool of current events in American Politics and exposes the corruption for all to see. The Crimes she reveals are stunning and horrific. Not only a researcher and reporter, she organizes community events that would make Hussein Obama blush. Show times are between 10-40 minutes in most cases.

Update: Extreme FUD attacks against this channel recently. From personal observation, Tracy has been calling out the deepest of the deep state and slimiest of the swamp critters.

Political Insider – Jerome Corsi – Self admitted insider to the Intelligence Agencies and familiar with the power players behind the scenes in D.C., this is the narrative being driven by Trump and his people. A leading analysis of the Q Anon information being presented to the American public and bearer of some earth shattering revelations. If he is as genuine as he seems, we are about to see the Deep State shattered into those 1,000 pieces promised by JFK. Typical shows are 60+ minutes.

Update: Corsi no longer appears to be a relevant source of information. Triggered into religious and ideological extremity by Q Anon thoughts, Corsi has left the reservation of quality New Media sources.

Quite Frankly – Quite Frankly takes a bigger picture view of the broader American culture. No holds barred stuff with foul language, very coarse humor, and a home town feel that reminds me of conversations with lifelong friends. Quickly becoming a favorite of mine for top notch entertainment value with a grounded discussion of a wide variety of socially important topics. Typically longer shows, 60+ minutes.


X22 REPORT – Dave from the X22 Report focuses on the financial and political information the Deep State would prefer keeping behind the curtain. Anyone wanting to learn about world finance, the New Economy and why it’s so critical to our future freedom, or the undercurrents of world politics would be well served to subscribe to this channel. Typical shows are 15 – 20 minutes with interviews going longer.


BUSINESS GAME CHANGERS – SARAH WESTALL – A wide range of news from the fringes of science and politics. Sarah brings of a very diverse and intelligent range of guests. Everything from cutting edge health products and the biology behind them to forecasting the future using data mining techniques are discussed here on any given day. Shows are usually 40+ minutes.

SGT REPORT – The SGT Report covers many of the same topics as you’ll see above and has his own unique roster of guest contributors. With 300,000 subscribers he carries the biggest media stick of the Independent sources I follow and this isn’t a fluke, he puts out high quality content on a frequent basis and clearly has passion for the work he is doing. Solo reports are usually in the 20 minute range with guest interviews going longer.


THE MIKE TRIMM SHOW – This isn’t for the feint of heart. As deep as the rabbit holes into fringes of our world go you’ll find Michael Trimm digging around and trying to piece together the evidence to form some picture of what we’re not being told. Curious about the Human Trafficking epidemic the Trump Whitehouse is routinely referencing? You’ll find answers here. Curious about all those Trillions of dollars .gov has declared ‘Lost’ with no records for us, the payers? You’ll find some answers here. Curious about how deep the Tech Giants snoop into your lives? You’ll find answers here.


GNOSTIC MEDIA – Hosted by expert historical researcher Jan Irvin, this show delves from topics around CIA & Deep State special access programs to our severely altered sense of History. Very detailed research with analysis and commentary on the most impressive list of primary resources you’ll ever find. Want to use his tools to search around this massive web of deceit we’re covered with? Download his Brain database software and you can see first hand who is connected to the most shadowy figures behind the curtains. 60+ minute shows with multiple part series documenting exactly what we’re not supposed to know. GNOSTIC MEDIA WEBSITE


ZEROHEDGE – The heaviest hitting source of world economic and political events with an emphasis on America I’ve found so far. This website came to fame during the financial crisis of 2007 – 2009 when it routinely reported on the financial crimes of the establishment Swamp. With a high volume of stories each day, this is a go to spot for seeing the headlines of the day that won’t be publicized on CNN.

TRUE PUNDIT – Another source of news focused on exposing the Deep State in American politics. This site is a favorite for some who enjoy seeing the Liberal agenda being pushed by the Globalist regime get embarrassed in between servings of political shenanigans & hypocrisy being exposed.

COSS NEWS WIRE – A go too source for world wide crypto news. This is my go to spot for digital asset reading material not related to a specific project. Pay close attention to the frequency of news related to governments adopting crypto friendly policies and big financial players jumping into the space. These are all signs of the New Economy being built out.

STEEMIT NEWS – Steemit is the OG blockchain media platform and it’s only starting to hit it’s stride. Look out when the Independent Media and their audiences figure out how to use this system. Until then, this is a wildcard for news. You’re likely to find many interesting articles with just as much junk mixed in, but if you catch on to the good quality feeds you’ll be getting news from the very edge of our innovative culture.