Thoughts on Consciousness

The interview of Mr. Champie and Mr. Cantalano is something every human being should see and work to understand.

Take some time to watch at least the first 30 minutes, then I’ll let everyone in on a little secret. The way these two gentlemen discuss consciousness and energy as the basic building block of Universe is correct. This is information that absolutely changes the point of view for anyone who takes the hour to watch and absorb what’s being said.

I happen to know this view of our reality is correct, although I came about this information in a much different way than these two scientists. Scientists who have the highest of credentials and a working product based on their research by the way. A very cool product for anyone in the agricultural field, Ymechla Ag.

A person learning to meditate and control their minds are developing control of where their conscious mind perceives and processes ‘external’ information (Think Fractals, atoms with orbits of electrons, we’re all orbiting the same nucleus). As these two gentlemen describe with the .gov Satellite Program, our very thoughts are energy. The two gentlemen use mechanical tools to measure and distribute this energy, but these machines are based off the biological mechanics of our brain.

The collective river of consciousness the human species produces is malleable. The individual mind is malleable. Nature is fractal this way.

The collective river of human consciousness is currently, and has been for hundreds of years, being manipulated by various groups of people both for “good” and “evil” intentions. Before we had control of electricity and access to digital equipment that was able to operate at these very fine levels of the energy spectrum people ubiquitously found over the world practicing esoteric or holy works operated on these levels of energy by developing their minds in certain ways.

Meditation and Prayer are the two most common, with many different forms of each working in slightly different ways. Remote Viewing is the military intelligence version of this (very narrow and specific in focus) and the declassified programs are more confirmation to the more ancient ways of operating on these levels.

Certain people and groups attempt to drive us into their predefined forms (actions, thoughts, etc.) which benefit them or their circles. Both for positive and negative purposes this happens.

The projects and intentions within this website take a different approach to bringing change into the world. It does need to change, and quickly too. But, I don’t want to impose my view or solutions on anyone, in fact I think this is a sin in many cases.

I am trying to build the forms I see as beneficial and within the natural order to show others who are trying to escape the manipulated rivers of consciousness what is possible once they reach the shore of their own Sovereign Mind.

The projects I’m developing in this section of my website Decentralized Digital Arts Studio and Open Sourced Projects heavily utilize the distributed ledger software which enables peer-to-peer exchange over our digital world. Peer-to-Peer interaction is within the natural order of our reality. Once a third-party not adding value to the exchange gets involved the natural order is broken.

Other projects I’ll routinely discuss like Open Sourced Ecology are also building these forms and saying “Hey, look at how awesome human culture could be, try this out”.There isn’t a push to drive people into their streams, there is only acceptance for those who willingly choose to enter. This is within the natural order of things. Unfortunately it is also a reason why these sorts of projects aren’t as popular as something like facebook or twitter.

Every individual who is getting Red Pilled and sticking their heads up out of the manipulated rivers I discussed earlier have the opportunity to move their own individual potential and energy into these new forms. This is the New Economy. It’s barely a shell now, and it will take a whole lot of work to build out. But damn it feels good.

I’ll be seeing everyone downstream 🙂

If you are resonating with the message presented here, I’d appreciate you passing it on to your own circles. Even better, have a conversation with them about the subjects here or in my other works.

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