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What is Permaculture? Since this is my own little corner of the digital sea I’ll give you my own definition;

Permaculture: Harmonious and cooperative interactions between individual people, collective human cultures, and the natural world.

The original thinkers who coined the term emphasized agriculture as the main area of focus more than I do, I see this as only one of many ways we interact with the natural world.

There is a lot of low hanging fruit in how we typically cultivate our food, no doubt, and even today you’ll find information on permaculture type ideas most commonly discussing some aspect of our food chain. I try to point out many of the other areas this philosophical science can improve our lives and solve some of the big problems we face.

Podcasts & Youtube Channels:

PERMACULTURE VOICES : Creatively destroying the old systems of agriculture, business, and our daily lives. Anyone interested in these sorts of ideas and projects would find the regular podcasts or educational courses offered by Diego Footer of Permaculture Voices interesting and beneficial. A must subscribe for any Permaculture thinker and doer.

PERMIES – PERMACULTURE FORUM & PODCAST : Based out of Wheaton Labs in Montana, USA. There are all sorts of very cool ideas and projects that come out of the Permies website. Practical ways to build resiliency and real sustainability into your everyday life and an entertaining collection of personalities to boot. The forum’s here are the first place I look when I’m after technical information for my own outside of the box projects.

OPEN-SOURCE ECOLOGY : Developers of The Global Village Construction set, this project is building open sourced models of all the tools and machinery we need to create sustainable communities that don’t lack any of our modern technologies. A very inspirational speaker with a much needed message. OSE Youtube Channel

Book Reviews:

PERMACULTURE: A Designer’s Manual

BY: Bill Millison

BPR’s Permaculture Idea Incubator: