A digital news paper containing unique and unorthodox views on a diverse range of subjects. Sections include;

The New Economy

Information and analysis of the new Decentralized Economy and damage reports from the Legacy markets as the old system dies.

American Current Events & World News

We are in the midst of an Information War and a Political Civil War. Current events inside the American borders are not always what they seem and we do our best to dissect what is really happening behind the scenes. These citizen and investigative Journalists (the real kind) go deep into the currents being covered up by the MSM and Media Gatekeepers

Permaculture Media

Ideas, technology, and implementation of the most disruptively sustainable ideas out there. The world is in need of change, the people and resources I highlight here are in the process of making that change. Why not come in and take a look at how much better our world could be…

Worthy Reads

The internet has democratized the flow of information we have access too. The blockchain has decentralized the generation of currency, and as a result there are now platforms that are valuing and monetizing attention and interactions. This is the section describing some ways to earn money from your attention or your work.