At BPR we don’t just provide stale analysis and commentary or hype projects with no substance behind them. With our free and premium Digital Asset Research we are attempting to provide quality education about the New Economy that’s growing up in the chaos of our current world.

For newcomers to this decentralized world there is plenty of freely available insight, articles, and videos to expand your understanding of what is happening. Premium content includes in depth research and experimentation with some of the most disruptive projects out there.

For those wanting to develop a long term investment strategy utilizing Digital Assets, the premium content and regular market analysis should provide an invaluable source of information and insight to help build your own personal portfolio and decentralize your financial future.

With our News & Current Events page we are attempting to bring exposure and further discussion to certain topics which have been subject to censorship or disinformation in mainstream outlets. The facade currently placed over Economics, Politics, and World History by those holding the reigns of power is meant to confuse the public and control the narrative on a national stage.

Until we know the truth about this world we share it is difficult to form effective strategies or make the most beneficial decisions about many aspects of our daily life. World Events, Economics, Health & Nutrition, History, & the Spiritual nature of our world are all on topic here.

At BPR we are not just arm chair commentators. There are endless opportunities for those creative and courageous minds out there to build a better future for ourselves and our descendants. Using the very best in decentralizing technology we’re attempting to build some of our own empowering platforms and projects to share with the new Open Source and Decentralized Economy.

Currently being developed we have a Decentralized Digital Arts Studio aimed at providing a place of business for the creative community which leverages decentralized currency and ledgers to provide the most radically disruptive animation studio ever imagined serving all manner of artists and storytellers.

Next we are developing strategies and documenting use cases which can be leveraged by the New Media to add streams of income to their work through the new disruptive platforms such as Steemit, Viuly, Creative Chain,,, and more as they become available.

On deck we have plans brewing which will bring even more liberating potential to homes, communities, and cities around the world… It’s time for We the People to take back our Communities, Cities, States, & Nations in ways that create honest and sustainable ways of living for all. This is the intent behind all of our work.