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My goal with this project is to gather and evaluate information about the emergent New Economy. I hope to help bring my own positive change into the world through a straightforward and professional delivery of my findings, and supplement these with a profitable and interactive community. There are many different ways to create value in this modern world, and the Three Pillars of Broad Perspective video shares some better descriptions of what I mean by this.

If you’ve read this far I suppose I should tell you a bit more about myself. Context matters, after all.

High School 1998-2002

My high school days consisted mostly of four years playing football and shenanigans with friends. I earned above average grades with minimal effort . An occasional interesting elective class or exceptional teacher would succeed in gaining my interest. I was once called a borderline genius in a class I mostly slept through.

Architectural Draftsman 2002-2006

Upon graduating I landed a job with an architectural firm specializing in homes and apartment complexes. While I worked for an architect, I was also drawing structural plans, mechanical systems, plumbing designs, and electrical work and I was fortunate to have gained valuable on the job education in the design and construction industry.

Architectural Project Manager 2006-2017

For the next eleven years I mostly worked on large public works projects. With the majority of my experience coming from K-12 education construction, other major City/State projects such as a Department of Motor Vehicles field office, a wastewater treatment plant, a youth center, roofing replacement at an International Airport and various other projects at the city and state level helped round our my experience in the field. I would create construction documents, manage engineers, navigate the rigorous state approval process, and perform architectural construction administration.

Blockchain Project Analyzer, Current Events Curator, Blockchain Entrepreneur 2018 –

My experience reviewing technical specifications and submittal documents (many of which are over 1,000 pages long and would fill tote bins) makes digesting a digital asset whitepapers and complicated concepts a stroll in the park by comparison. I understand how beneficial a tool like the blockchain can be, and I see immense untapped opportunities to apply these tools to effect profitable and positive change. The projects created on this site are a demonstration of my attempt to pick the tool up and do something tangible with it that allows for others with complimentary skills to easily join and collaborate.

Self-Educational Exploration

For the better part of a decade I’ve chosen independent study in various eclectic areas of  life instead of engaging with television, movies and other sorts of disposable entertainment. Some of this study has been very specific in nature, while some has been of higher level theory. A few of the main branches of study I’ve pursued are detailed below.

Global and National Economics and Monetary Policy

In 2006 I landed a great job and had a little money to invest — at least I thought I was investing it. A few years later while trying to figure out where my money went I stumbled upon Zerohedge. During the financial and political crisis of 2008/2009 I received a first class self-education in finance, politics, and history. All the big pieces of the history pie I’d somehow missed in high school helped me form a different perspective: 1913 and the Federal Reserve; gold confiscation in the Great Depression; the end of the Gold Standard by Nixon; JFK’s desire to make the dollar real silver instead of debt promises; trillions of dollars declared missing the day before 9/11 and never being mentioned after…

Understanding how the real financial world works has been a critical piece of my attraction to blockchain technologies. Many of these high-level economic problems are the initial target of some very interesting blockchain projects and my previous exposure to financial language and flow of money gives me an advantage when studying the complex and in-depth New Economy projects.


The world we live in is a beautiful and dynamic system. Nearly every aspect of our lives are ruled by cycles. To work toward fulfilling our human potential, we must arrange ourselves and our interaction with the world to accord with these cycles.

My rural upbringing and profession led me to study the construction and agriculture faces of permaculture most thoroughly. Due to my attraction to the blockchain I also see Bitcoin as a tool for financial permaculturists. The authoritative book which coined the term permaculture describes something which looks very similar to Bitcoin as an ideal form of digital money.

Among some of the more interesting experiments in this field that I’ve worked on are raising rabbits for meat in a suburban back yard, building a hybrid rocket stove BBQ out of cob and designing & building a 4 paddock habitat for egg laying chickens. If blockchain tech gives us a decentralized digital environment to interact within permaculture would bring many of those same decentralizing principles into the physical environment.

Health & Nutrition

I’ve gone pretty deep into the world of health science and nutrition. I’ve used what I’ve learned to drop 50 pounds, normalize a borderline diabetic blood sugar level, poor cholesterol ratio’s and improve various other health indicators. I’ve also looked into fringe ideas like cold thermogenesis far enough to actually try them out — by jumping into freezing cold water for 20 minutes a night. It does some interesting things by the way, it’s no coincidence Olympians and high level professional athletes adopt the practice.

I shun labels and categories to the greatest extent possible so I don’t really consider myself a follower of any specific dietary theory. The closer to home and the cleanest grown is better for all varieties of food, in my opinion. I could probably survive on Bulletproof Coffee (Coffee mixed with butter) for at least a month. Contrary to popular myth the more saturated fats (butter, cream, coconut, beef, eggs) and mono-unsatured fates (olive oil, avocado, pork) I ate the better I felt and performed. My bloodwork verifies this, as do many other health professionals now promoting low carb / high fat / moderate protein diets.

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