Digital Media in the New Economy

Something to understand before diving into the new tools getting built on blockchain foundations I discuss here, these things are mostly brand spanking new. Steemit is the veteran of the space at less than 3 years old. If you’re interested in using them in these early days, congratulations! You are on the very front of the wave us Early Adopters are riding into the future.

Roads? We don’t need .gov to build us a road, we can create our own paths much more efficiently. The big three digital media focused blockchains are complimentary tools we can use to build some of our own paths. Steemit, Viuly, & Creative Chain are all providing unique services and opportunity and we get to figure out the best ways to use them.

Steemit Funding Strategies will become very popular in the later part of 2018. Smart Media Tokens promise to make the Steemit Blockchain & Digital Media 2018’s version of Ethereum & FinTech in 2017. The barriers to entry here will be far lower than they were last year. The rate of adoption this year will make 2017 and the ICO boom look like a tiny trickle vs. a mighty river. Those who harness these tools first will stand to gain the most in many different ways.

This video shows a walkthrough of how these platforms look and operate. They can be glitchy at times and the upload process will require occasional feats of perseverance on your part. These issues will soon be corrected and the user experience will drastically improve. View on Viuly

Viuly is providing solutions to video producers seeking out more lucrative options to monetizing their productions. Completely transparent and very flexible advertising features the user gets control of is a game changing feature most of us have no idea exists.

Creative Chain is the newest of the group. It provides some unique solutions to the artistic community. It has also taken the next step in simplifying the popular Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) used to host video in decentralized manner. Commercial and social creations have a place and way of earning currency here.

Are you interested in creating your own paths? What sort of content are you wanting to create?

Video producers seeking to monetize their creations through advertising and video commercials are best suited to the Viuly platform. It’s easy to upload your videos into their system and offers very flexible options to monetize through advertising. This platform is currently the biggest threat to Youtube of the blockchain players. Once the video creators begin taking advantage of his system digital media consumers will also be able to monetize their attention. Do you hear that? The viewers will be earning monetary reward for their attention just as the content creators will be earning for their content.

Bloggers, Independent Media producers, and social commentary types are best suited to the Steemit platform. It has a steeper learning curve than Viuly, but the written word and image are more at home in this Eco-system. If you already operate a website with a large audience keep your eye out for the release of Steemit’s Smart Media Tokens later this year. This will give you a way to integrate the blockchain directly into your own comments section and website, very useful ways to leverage this technology. The main downside here is content is only monetized for a 7 day duration.

Creative Chain offers some solutions that graphical artists and photographers may find helpful. Video producers who sell their video content as educational courses have some very powerful tools in this platform as well. The ability to apply various forms of copyright is unique among the other projects I’ve used. The software is only a few weeks old and will have some kinks to work out, but the idea behind the creation is solid and the first working model offers a lot of functionality to build on.

Which of these platforms is right for you? I’m on all three and I look forward to the day when I can close down my Youtube / Twitter accounts because enough of the world has figured out there are better solutions. Solutions that actually reward your time and attention rather than treat you as a commodity.

Check out my other work on these trail blazing platforms and see how you like them. You may even see how the audience can receive real monetary reward for their contributions and discussion, something lacking from the old social media systems;

Creative Chain: @BPR

Steemit: @bp9930

Viuly: Digital Asset Discussions